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Rotalla Tyres is a tyre manufacturer and exporter. Each Rotalla tyre is manufactured for high quality and performance, and is sold in competitive prices.

Give us a call on (08) 9242 7555 to get a competitive quote on a wheel package to suit your needs and budget.

• 185/55R15 Rotalla 185/55R15 Rotalla
• 185/65R15 Rotalla 185/65R15 Rotalla
• 195/50R15 Rotalla 195/50R15 Rotalla
• 205/45R16 Rotalla 205/45R16 Rotalla
• 205/45R17 Rotalla 205/45R17 Rotalla
• 205/50R17 Rotalla 205/50R17 Rotalla
• 215/40R17 Rotalla 215/40R17 Rotalla
• 215/45R17 Rotalla 215/45R17 Rotalla
• 225/45R17 Rotalla 225/45R17 Rotalla
• 245/35R19 Rotalla 245/35R19 Rotalla
• 245/35R20 Rotalla 245/35R20 Rotalla
• 245/40R18 Rotalla 245/40R18 Rotalla
• 265/30R19 Rotalla 265/30R19 Rotalla

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